With Kemper Technology Consulting being a part of the Kemper family, we can provide valuable IT consulting to your medical practice. We have a long history of working with vendors on providing you the best solution for your practice.  Some of the services that we can help with are:

IT Helpdesk - We can assist you with as much or as little help as your business needs. We can order hardware, setup and deploy workstations and servers, configure switches and routers, configure network and workstation security, plus much more. In a world of constant email and malware attacks, we can help with valuable training and protection against these costly infections. We can also assist with the deployment and maintenance of phone systems and security cameras.
Your Medical IT Partner - We have experience working with multiple vendors and 3rd party systems. We can assist with the setup, deployment, maintenance, and updates for these systems. Any task that can be automated can make life easier. We have an internal programming department that can assist with task automation, SQL scripting and reporting, plus other customized programming. We can also provide consulting for the HIPAA requirements on security and infrastructure, including Risk Analysis.

We pride ourselves on creating a customized solution per client.  Your business is unlike any other business, and we can help by becoming part of your team and developing an IT infrastructure that is best for you.  We maintain a high level of certifications to offer products from HP, Cisco, Microsoft, and many others.  We utilize business level hardware to help you maintain a high level of performance and reliability.

For a complete list of services that Kemper Technology Consulting can offer, please visit www.kempertc.com.