Anyone can send out a claim, but our team will ensure your practice is armed with the most efficient and profitable cash-collection process for the entire life of a claim and beyond.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing you have a dedicated team constantly fighting for every dollar you are due, analyzing accounts receivables, and providing meaningful reports back to you.

System Integration, Import, and Coding - The life of a claim begins with your practice’s first interaction with the patient. Our office will work with you to customize a process that integrates the information gathered by your front-end staff and the services provided to the patient into our practice management system. Even if you wish to stay with your current EHR vendor, we can develop an import, interface, or charge entry process that meets your needs. We also have certified coders should you need coding assistance.
Dedicated Account Manager - We do not departmentalize the various billing functions like most other billing companies. We have found that this approach ensures issues get taken care of correctly the first time because the same person is responsible for subsequent functions. Your practice will be assigned a highly skilled primary account manager dedicated to learning your practice inside and out. If you have a question or need clarification on something, you will have peace of mind knowing you can call and talk to the same person each time. Our account managers and staff are so dedicated that you will essentially feel like they are an extension of your office staff, but with a worry-free guarantee that you do not have to manage them.
Claims, Payments, and Contractual Rates - Claims are billed out daily, and go through both internal and clearinghouse level pre-processing edits. Any rejections are promptly worked. Payments received are accurately posted by date of service and service line to each patient’s account and are reconciled to EFT’s and deposits to ensure accurate cash reporting. For payments that do not come via EFT, you can use a lockbox service or we can act as your lockbox service and make the deposits for you. We also load contractual rates into the billing system to ensure contracted carriers are paying correctly and only appropriate adjustments are taken. We do not take any adjustments that are not contractual without your explicit written authorization.
Patient Customer Service - Statements are sent to patients, and we answer any billing related questions they may have. Calls are documented in the patient’s ledger, and you always have access to see the ledgers and what is discussed. We know that our interactions with patients are a direct reflection of your practice, and we happily answer their questions and resolve their issues.
Claims Follow-Up and Appeals - Many people may not know this, but billing out a claim is actually the easy part. Where we shine and provide the best return on investment for you is actively working denials, following-up on unpaid claims, and sending in appeals. We fight for every dollar legally due to you. Our team is trained on writing meaningful appeals, and they are able to quickly identify payer issues and resolve problems.
Reports and Analytics - Having a snapshot of your practice in an easy to understand format is important for you to be able to make informed business decisions. We compile various monthly reports and provide a meaningful, easy to understand summary to you. In addition to the monthly reports, you always have direct access to the practice management system. This includes being able to view patient ledgers as well as the ability to run your own reports if you desire.
Communication and Customization - Communication is essential in a partnership, and we take the time to meet with each of our clients as often as they wish. We know our clients are busy, but we encourage meeting with us at least monthly to go over any questions and to review month-end reports. This allows our services to be continuously customized to create a comprehensive approach that goes beyond your expectation.
RCM+ Lifecycle - From Registration & Scheduling to Claim Submission to Analytics, we take care of you every step of the way.
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