Dedicated Service with a Personal Approach

Each practice has unique strengths and challenges. We work with our clients to identify specific needs and structure each engagement to integrate our people, processes, and systems in those areas where we will provide a positive impact.  Our clients enjoy peace-of-mind knowing they are engaged with a prominent healthcare-specific accounting firm while still getting dedicated service with an intimate approach whether you choose our Modular or Comprehensive model.

Some of our practices may only need medical billing or revenue cycle management services. Others may already have a strong internal or outsourced billing department but need help with practice assessments, accounting, tax, or IT services. By choosing our modular approach, you can truly structure a service package that fits your needs and budget while benefiting from an experienced, healthcare-specific accounting firm.
You will see the greatest impact when we provide comprehensive business office solutions. By choosing our comprehensive services package, which includes Revenue Cycle Management, Consulting, Accounting, Tax, and IT, you will be equipped with a team that knows your practice inside and out. Our comprehensive services package allows your facility to focus on your core services while we focus on improving financial performance, leading to increased patient, staff, and physician satisfaction.

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